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Aquafresh iso-active – the next generation of oral care technology

Aquafresh iso-active foaming gel
  • Most adults suffer with oral malodor at least occasionally, particularly immediately after waking or after consuming certain types of foods, alcohol or tobacco. [Porter and Scully, 2006]
  • Reduction of the oral bacterial content, and the volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) produced by these bacteria, is the most effective way to manage oral malodor. [Scully et al, 1994; American Dental Association (ADA), 2003]
  • The effectiveness of Aquafresh iso-active versus oral VSCs when compared with a commercially available triclosan-containing dentifrice has been shown in a head-to-head clinical trial.
    • – Aquafresh iso-active significantly reduced VSC production by up to 41% more than a commercially available triclosan-containing dentifrice, for up to 7 hours post-brushing. [Newby et al, 2008]
  • Aquafresh iso-active represents the next generation of oral care technology – generating twice the amount of foam compared to a commercially available triclosan-containing dentifrice. [Bosma et al, 2006]
  • The foaming gel formulation penetrates deep into interproximal areas, key sites for caries and malodor generation.